Sneakpeek on Hovs Hallar

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Enjoyable stay at hovs hallar

Here in this dramatic landscape you can enjoy wonderful views, fresh air from both the sea and land – a sense of freedom good for your soul.

Welcome to the sunny side of Bjärehalvön.

See our view and weather live!

Everyday luxury

Take a much-needed break from everyday life and fill up with new energy.

Weekend one night

Pamper youself and a loved one. Enjoy pleasant relaxation together. 

spa package

Together with Hovs Hallar spa, we offer the best of both worlds. Luxuriate in it and find total relaxation. 

Hiking package

With a fully packed picnic, you are reday to set off on the wonderful Bjäre Pensinsula with the sea as your closest hiking partner. 

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The proximity to the sea, the beautiful nature reserve and the calm atmosphere give you new superpowers. 


Hovs hallar is a real gem on Bjärehalvön and it simply has to be experienced.
This is where a ridge called Hallandsåsen meets the sea in a very dramatic way, resulting in
high cliffs with cracks and crevices, sea stacks, shingle beaches and cave-like formations.